$150 per peak hour event (7:30PM start).

Exclusivity for one category only.

​​​​​​Why should I participate?

Sponsorship Fees

Kira Vos Photography

How does this work?

  • Your business will be POSITIONING itself with other fantastic companies -  helping schools generate much needed dollars 
  • This is one of the most INEXPENSIVE and most involved way to reach the coveted mom market. 
  • Your business will have FOUR OPPORTUNITIES to interact with the paid attendees.
    1. ​Fantastic intro on the Facebook event page
    2. *30-second personal video upload (pre-event)
    3. *15-second personal video upload (post-event)
    4. In-person exposure at event (guest pass AND introduction prior to run of film)​

      *Videos are recorded and submitted by each sponsor;

       can easily be done from any smart phone.

At every event, attendees receive a swag bag loaded with samples/offers from local businesses. These businesses pay a small marketing fee + offers for every swag bag handed out.